Pros and Cons / Motorola G82 5G Review

The Motorola G82 5G price in India starts from 275$ for 6GB of Ram and 128GB storage while another 8GB RAM + 128GB storage variant is priced at 294$ . The device is available in Meteorite Gray, and White Lily color options, and it will go for sale on 14th June 2022 at noon.

Motorola G82 5G Review

Yes, Motorola G82 5G is worth buying but it’s a bit pricey compared to what Motorola is offering with this device, the phone has the same Snapdragon 695 SoC which is not the best option above 20k, the same design with the plastic build, only 30W charging support, decent cameras and still Motorola is charging Rs 21499 which is not justifiable.

The device has OIS support which is great as we don’t see OIS for this price range. Now, that OIS doesn’t work the best, sometimes it feels like Gimmicky. Also, the phone only supports [email protected] because the Snapdragon 695 only supports that resolution.

In short, don’t go by the hype, OIS is there but it’s not the best and yes, the cameras are kind of decent.

Here comes the best part, the device has the best display, that pOLED display and 120Hz refresh rate provide the best viewing angles.

The battery life is also good but at almost 22k, I would have loved the 50W charging support.

We have seen that most of the budget Motorola phones don’t come with a Compass sensor but that changes with Moto G82 5G, yes, Motorola has added a Compass sensor in this device along with NFC, stereo speakers, SD-card slot, and 11 5G Bands.

Overall, I don’t recommend Motorola G82 5G at Rs 21499, this would have been a killer device at Rs 18999 or even at Rs 19999 but that didn’t happen.

Motorola G82 5G Pros and Cons

120Hz pOLED DisplaySide-Mounted Fingerprint Sensor
Pure Stock Android ExperienceOnly 30W charging Support
Solid Battery LifePlastic Build
NFC SupportDecent Cameras
Excellent Speaker QualityStock Camera App Needs Optimization
11 5G Bands
OIS Support
3.5mm Audio Jack
Android 12 Out of the Box


The Motorola G82 5G comes with 6.60-inches 120Hz pOLED display with a resolution of 1080 x 2400 pixels while the frame and back are made out of plastic there is no mention of what kind of glass has been used for display protection.

The screen is bright enough to use outdoor, so there won’t be any kind of issue while using the smartphone in the sunlight.

Motorola has also added widevine L1 support which means, you will be able to stream FHD+ content on OTT apps like prime video, Netflix, etc…

Also, OIS will make you excited because the phone is priced at Rs 21499 but wait because you won’t like what I’m about to say…

The OIS doesn’t work the best, sometimes it feels like Gimmicky. The videos do come out stable but even if the phone didn’t have the OIS, the video will have come out stable because it only supports [email protected]

I feel Motorola has only added the OIS for marketing because, in real life, you won’t feel the OIS presence in the smartphone.

This is what I have to say,

If the brand wants to add OIS then optimize that OIS for real-life use, don’t just add the OIS logo beside the cameras for marketing or remove the OIS and optimize all the sensors.

The 50MP primary sensor does take some good images under the good lighting but the same can’t be said for the night. When there is low light or taking images at night, the images come out a bit soft, and they lose out on natural colors…

Everything can be fixed with a single OTA update because added sensors are more than capable to take the best images but we all know how good Motorola is with updates, so don’t expect too much after you buy the device.

Also, the 8MP ultra-wide lens does its job, no complaints there too. By the way, don’t expect too many details from ultra-wide because it’s a small sensor.

The 16MP selfie camera performs better than I expected, so yes, if you love to take selfies then you will be more than happy with a front camera.

Now, the rear and even front camera does have some issues with dynamic range, sometimes, the sensors mess up with a dynamic range. It doesn’t happen every single time but it does happen.

Ohh, I forget about that 2MP sensor, so should you…

Overall, Motorola G82 5G takes decent images and the OIS doesn’t work the best, it’s good cameras but somewhere, it feels like Motorola is charging way much money for what they’re offering.